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Unified Technicians has created a unique business model to accommodate both clients and technicians. While also filling a void in the IT industry. 

You: The end user that is frustrated, tired of paying over priced fees for technicians that actually make the problem worse and ending up having to configure the solution yourself.

Us: Tired of cleaning up after the guy with some industry experience but no real knowledge of what the IT concern really is.

The Independent IT Company: You have the knowhow to support the client but now you’re swamped with excess work because of an epidemic of non-functional systems and you have no one trust worthy to go to. UT has you covered and is looking to support both yourself and your clients.


Unified Techs: That cross-over that will eliminate frustration on both ends and create an intelligent atmosphere that is geared towards fixing the problem; implementing cost saving solutions that prevent as much of the future risk as possible and going home with a job well done feeling.

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