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Unified Technicians
Clients choose us!

At Unified Techs; there is no job that is too complicated, big or stressful.

Our main objective is for technicians and clients to connect and be able to work together effectively. As a customer it often can be frustrating finding someone with reasonable rates, understanding of what needs to get done and good standing. At Unified Techs – we screen all of our independent IT small business owners and our own direct technicians, forming a huge network of consultants that specialize in specific IT concerns.

We have a technician to fit your needs from the basics of formatting your desktop to setting up a network of fifty users in an office to designing, implementing and launching a website or brand. Where most companies are a ‘jack of all trades - master of none’; Unified Techs believes in having multiple individuals that are a ‘master of one specific trade’ all in one place. For example: Joe is a web designer, David is a network analyst or Alex does security and risk management.

The way Unified Techs has set up their model is to ensure that they can offer support to both the customer and the technician. We always have open  ‘auditions’ at Unified Techs and anyone with an IT background is welcome to apply but our standards are very high and we only accept the best into the collective as our #1 priority is the end user and their experience.

We have put together a system that allows us to take care of the overflow of small IT companies or to support emergency situations that arise. All businesses have a way to improve profits with Unified Techs as it takes out the need for monthly retainers, part time or full time IT employees.